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Contemporary design

Nov 9, 2017
Contemporary design tries to imitate modern design, in the sense that it applies open floor plans, excessive windowing and high ceilings. However, contemporary interior design pays more attention to natural materials, unlike modernistic steel, plastic or concrete. It also applies softer and curved lining.

The color spectrum of contemporary design is also broader-its methods depart from the black and white trend and try consciously to implement bold patchwork in the home. Contemporary decor also makes use of a broader color palette, departing from the black and white tendencies of modern design.

Contemporary design has the casual habit of incorporating whimsicality to our space, by adding extraordinary furniture pieces. The rationale is to make your living space more individual and to implement a ‘personal stamp’ that will indicate attributes of the person responsible for that decoration.

These are the basics of contemporary design:

  • Appropriate colors—contemporary style employs neutral tones, such as white, cream, beige, brown or gray. The accent can be put also on bold color schemes, as long as they comply with the already established balance.
  • Appropriate furniture—contemporary design cherishes polished surfaces, light colors and natural materials (wood, glass, nickel, chrome and stainless steel). When it comes to fabrics, the preferred ones are natural goods (cotton, linen, wool, and silk), which can be neutral, bold-colored or modestly patterned.
  • Neutral walls—in this aspect, contemporary design complies with its modern ally. The walls are supposed to be neutrally-colored, but slightly bolder colors are also welcome. Subdominant striped wallpapers are also a good idea.
  • Floors—in order for a house to be described as contemporary, its floors need to be wooden. Cement, laminate or stone flooring can be an excellent substitute. Full carpeting and occasional rugs are also welcomed, as long as they are neutrally-colored or patterned in a very simple way.
  • Specific windowing—the same as modern designers, contemporary designers recommend large windows without covers (or a single-colored curtain to ensure your privacy).
A general comparison between modern and contemporary interior design characteristics points out that contemporary elements are more liberal and susceptible to recent trends. A contemporary environment is an ‘unfinished’ one-it follows the improvement of your style and your personality. Contemporary style is always evolving, so that it could adapt to the parallel modifications in your tastes, attitudes and habits.

With contemporary being such an ‘open-minded’ style, you can enjoy constant innovation with colors and shapes. Contemporary design will comply with all of your new ornaments and decorations. Modern style, on the other hand, will not allow you to do this.

Modern design

Nov 9, 2017
Modern design is mostly associated with minimalistic schemes. Modern perspectives are more open than closed and they support the ‘less is more’ theory. The elements of modern interior design are relatively restricted and they suggest clearly delineated space. Modern buildings are often deliberately asymmetric in order to resemble tradition and historical architecture.

Modern homes inspire a feeling of elegance and class. It is because designers apply a pastel, neutral palette of colors for the walls and the ceiling (especially white) and ‘stripped’ floors which rely on their natural beauty. Modern interior design is also hallmarked with brightness and openness, and excellent light dispersion. Therefore, large windows and open floor plans are not uncommon for these houses. In fact, even furniture is adjusted to this ‘open feeling’ (large tables, comfortable sofas and armchairs with raised legs).

These are the basics of modern interior design:

  • Appropriate colors—the primary choice is white and the alternative is black. The primary colors (yellow, red and blue) are used in a very restricted manner.
  • Appropriate furniture—modern homes look perfect with metal furniture (white or black lacquer-finish), such as with chrome/stainless steel. Modern furniture has many recognizable elements-bold-colored padding, glass table lids or stainless steel elements.
  • White walls—the rule is one and only: nothing but plain white is permitted. You are only allowed to paint one of the walls differently, if you want to break the monotony.
  • Floors—modern design accepts only granite, concrete, or woodwork floors. Carpeting is tolerated as long as there is only one color or a pastel geometric pattern. However, we advise you to avoid too many rugs, because they would give your place oriental style.
  • Specific windowing—the best choice is to avoid window covers. If this is not possible, apply transparent curtains or functional blinds. Fancy patterns are completely dismissed.
Modern interior design adores lengthy and flat furniture with slightly raised narrow legs to ensure openness. The favorite materials are natural ones (leather, linen, cotton or wood) and the lining is solid and simplified.  Other commonly met materials in modern design are transparent/white plastic, plywood and metal.

Let’s generalize: In a proper modern home, you could find calming tones, such as white, creamy, brown or grey. Walls are white and floors are neutrally-painted, usually made of wood, cement, cork or even rubber. Rugs and carpets are woolen and they comply with the neutral-color rule.

As we mentioned, color is used in a very restrictive manner. You could discover it in small doses, either placed in an isolated corner or deliberately exposed in the form of a massive painting or a single modern sculpture. Alongside with the principal white and black, modern interior design usually employs a single primary color (red, yellow or blue). Sometimes, you could even discover orange decorations, as modest as books, wooden and ceramic accessories.

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